Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11,2009


Will is ultimately having a good day. We had originally planned to take him of off the ventalator today, but throughout the day we (doctors and nurses) decided that it would be best if his little body got one more day of rest. They were able to turn it down a bit though which means he is breathing on his own a bit! His stats all seem stable, and he pooped today which in the world of nursing is very exciting! Jason and I got to change his diaper, and I have never been so happy to do it in my whole life! The nurses can't believe what a sweet little soul he has-most babies with breathing tubes tend to try and roll over and thrash about when they wake up a little (still sedated) but he just lays still and stares into our eyes, and rubs his gee -gee(his favorite blue blanket). He always crosses one leg over the other-no matter which way they put it...its so cute and great to see these little signs of Will that we miss so very much. We can't wait to hold our baby and will never put him down I'm afraid! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, and keep em' coming. We are hoping to have the breathing tubes taken out tommorrow-I may not get around to posting anything for the next few days-I will be busy holding my baby-lets pray for this! Harland and Ryleigh came down to the Ronald McDonald house today to stay with Jason and I, and its been great to have them here. Jason is taking them to a SeaDogs game tonight, and they are staying with us for the night!

Thanks again for all your prayers,
Amie Frake


  1. Amie. Thankfully you're so brave and level headed. I really respect that about you. Im very glad to hear that little Will is doing better. It was very strange news to hear on my bday. I'll be back in Portland Sunday or early Monday. I would love to stop in and visit the little dude and say hi to you.

  2. Thanks for the updates Amie. Now I don't have to call mom to get them :) You're all in our thoughts and we can't wait to hear more about Will's strength and progress.
    Casey & Brittain

  3. thank you for the are such a busy lady and i love you for taking the time to let us know how Will is doing and You and Jason too....